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Welcome to the Stork Express Nursery Website!

Thank you for stopping by my Reborn Baby Nursery! Here you will find a wide range of beautiful reborn baby dolls.  Stop by my baby boutique to get that special outfit for your little bundle of joy!

 If you are a new visitor and not familiar with what a reborn doll is, let me explain. Reborns start as blank sculpted vinyl dolls which come to life as they are artistically hand painted to be as lifelike as possible. My reborn babies have realistic looking skin, eyes, lips, finger and toe nails; even each hair is individually plugged!  Great care and attention goes into each and every reborn doll I make as well as the selection of clothing and accessories that accompany each doll. Much of it is lovingly handmade.


 Reborn baby dolls, also referred to as lifelike baby dolls, have increasingly grown in popularity among the public, including many celebrities. Reborn babies have come into fashion within the past few years and now thanks to online stores, these lovely reborn baby dolls are available in practically every corner of the globe. There exists an ever growing demand for reborn dolls among collectors, however many people buy these lifelike reborn dolls just to show or play with them.  I've also found they are very therapeutic for Alzheimer patients. (Please visit my Doll Therapy Page for more information)

  Be the first to show off your new baby! You will love the attention that you and your reborn baby doll will be getting - people will actually think it's a real live baby!