Doll Therapy

Baby Doll Therapy


Research has found that patients suffering from dementia and Alzheimer's tend to be more active and focused when carrying and handling life like baby dolls. Communication, focus, and attitude toward other patients and caretakers is enhanced while agitation is reduced during routine care when they would typically become angry or difficult.

Stork Express Nursery is dedicated to helping these patients by providing the most realistic dolls possible. Stork Express Nursery's lifelike reborn dolls have been used in reborn baby doll therapy with great results  in nursing homes as well as for my own mother in our home. What makes a great difference is the ultra realistic look, feel and weight of a Stork Express Nursery reborn doll. This supports the feeling of holding a real baby.

In addition to helping geriatric patients, Stork Express reborn baby dolls have been used in the treatment of depression or in certain cases of autism such as Asperger's syndrome. 

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    Doll therapy for dementia and Alzheimer's patients

    Doll therapy for dementia and Alzheimer's patients